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    The Faculty and Staff Federation of the Community College of Philadelphia represents more than 1,800 faculty and staff at Community College of Philadelphia. Our union, AFT Local 2026 consists of three bargaining units: Full-time Faculty, Classified Employees, and Part-time/Visiting Lecturer. We are affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers, an AFL-CIO union, with the Pennsylvania Federation of Teachers, and with the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO.

    The salary, rights, and benefits at CCP that we have today are the result of decades of active struggle:

    • In the late 1960's FSFCCP was the first community college local in Pennsylvania to win recognition as a bargaining agent.
    • In the 1970's our contracts set the pattern for decent salaries, employees' participation and good medical benefits. To secure those gains we had to strike, for as long as seven weeks at a time.
    • In the early 1970's we won a contract for the CCP Classified staff and in the early 1980's, a contract for Part-time/Visiting Lecturer Faculty.
    • In the late 1980's and early 1990's, we twice prepared energetically for a long strike, but both times were able to settle without one.
    • In 1998, 2002, and 2007 the three units cooperated to win settlements that resulted in gains in salaries while maintaining other contract protections.
    • The Federation continues to cooperate vigorously with the College administration to secure proper funding from the city and state.
    • Your participation in the Federation is necessary to uphold what CCP employees have won and to make new advances. You can participate by:
      • encouraging your colleagues to join the union;
      • making sure your department is actively represented on Representative Council; and
      • attending General Membership meetings each semester.

    Current Membership Report(as of 12-6-2011):

       Member  Non-Member
     CE  230   13
     FT  423   17
     PT/VL  636  539
     TOTAL  1289  569